Core Lab
Core Lab

Image Core Lab 

The Core Lab is a multilingual, interdisciplinary team and network of international and qualified experts within the BCCC, committed to ensuring high data quality and regulatory compliance.

The BCCC's Core Lab is a service provider for centralized imaging analysis in clinical trials. We deliver a comprehensive range of services including image transfer, data management, and independent central imaging reviews conducted by certified imaging specialists.

We provide centralized analysis services for clinical trial images, covering various areas such as oncology, musculoskeletal diseases, cardiology, the central nervous system, neurovascular conditions, and metabolic processes.

  • Centralized Image Analysis: Reports provided by certified imaging specialists with training and expertise in all imaging modalities, including MRI, CT, MRI/CT Angiography, PET-CT, X-Ray, Ultrasound, and Angiography.
  • Image acquisition guidelines and quality checks. Image transfer and data management are facilitated through a commercially available technology platform that allows real-time online access.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Documentation: Our team is GCP certified, and we provide continuous training programs for reviewers. We ensure compliance with updated documentation requirements.
  • Technology infrastructure: Secure technology platform approved for image transfer and data management and an efficient reading platform designed for clinical trials, featuring structured reporting and adhering to the highest quality standards.
How we work?
  • Site Coordination and Site Training.
  • Physician & technologist training.
  • Image acquisition guidelines & quality checks.
  • Long term image storage
Action Plan

Clinical imaging management system 

  1. Image submission 
    - Import images
    - Validated transmitter system
    - Imaging anonymization  
    - Submission 
  2. Imaging analysis 
    - Analyse 
    - Interpret 
    - CRF  
  3. Quality control 
    - Monitor 
    - Source Data Verification 
    - Queries 
  4. Export reports, CRF 
    - PDF 
    - XML 
  5. Data and DICOM images archive 
Contact with us

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information or details of our CRO.