About BCCC
Barcelona Clinical Coordinating Center

Barcelona Clinical Coordinating Center (BCCC) is based in Barcelona and forms part of the Mon Clinic Foundation, a private and non-profit organization, with a deep link with Clínic Hospital Barcelona.

BCCC is an Academic Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing support to clinical trials. It has expertise in several areas including medical devices, investigator-initiated studies, clinical trials, and post-market studies. 

BCCC have the knowledge, capabilities, processes, and procedures that are needed to develop and run a successful clinical trial, while ensuring trial quality and compliance with national and international standards. Working with a contract research organization can offer innovative tools that can increase efficiencies, leading to decreased timelines and cost.  


Currently active projects


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With other CROs to carry out clinical trials anywhere in the world

Our values

Customer Service Vocation

Commitment to understanding the needs of our customers and ability to meet their expectations..


We strive to exceed quality standards and achieve objectives through continuous improvement and dedicated effort.


We communicate openly and honestly about WHAT we do and HOW we do it, building trust, credibility, and a strong reputation.


We have the ability to generate new ideas to improve the services we provide to our clients.


As a full-service Academic CRO, we offer a range of solutions that encompass the entire process of clinical trials. This includes design, setup, and monitoring of trials, as well as data management, statistical analysis, and medical writing. Our services cover the entire journey of introducing new medical devices and drugs to the market. 

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Core Lab

The Image Core Lab at BCCC is a dedicated service provider for centralized imaging analysis in clinical trials. Our team offers a comprehensive range of services, including image transfer, data management, and independent central imaging reviews conducted by certified imaging specialists. 

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Our methodology

It includes protocol development and/or revision, documentation adaptation, obtaining necessary approvals, designing and preparing data collection notebooks, determining sample size and statistical requirements, selecting investigators and sites, and negotiating contracts. 


Once approval is obtained and the trial commences, the CRO provides monitoring services, which involve ensuring compliance with the protocol and established procedures for the study's execution.

Data management

An important step to ensure the success of a clinical study are data management, report generation, and documentation control and storage. 

Good Clinical Practices

Throughout the study, we adhere to Good Clinical Practices (GCP) that ensure the quality of the study.

Contact with us

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information or details of our CRO.

On Wednesday, June 7, a meeting of researchers from the iliCo study was held in Leipzig, as part of LINC 2023

Món Clínic is taking part in Scientific Advices provided by the experts panel in the pilot test opened by the EMA (European Medicines Agency) to manufacturers of certain high-risk medical devices, with the aim of guiding and helping them on their intended clinical development strategies and proposals for clinical investigations